Thursday, September 19, 2013

Snorkle trip

Yesterday we boarded a catamaran and sailed around the island.
I officially want one. We first stopped at Marys point and then to the famous waterlemon cay.
I fell into the routine of suiting up, jumping in the water, then feeling overwhelmed by the beauty of the ocean,then being overwhelmed with the need to get the hell out of the water before it swallows me up and steals my soul............
So I got a lot of reading done, and really enjoyed the beautiful scenery. 

Waterlemon cay was by far the prettiest.
Chris got a pretty nasty sting though :( one if the crew members taught us a pretty cool trick for stings. Besides peeing on a sting or using vinegar , you can scrape it with a credit card!

We also learned that barracudas like ham.
(really didnt want to get back in the water after seeing this guy)

Xo ab

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