Sunday, September 15, 2013

Yesterday we went to morning star beach. It was awesome. So awesome that we didn't take ANY pictures. The beachside service is not as good in the states and more expensive but it's nice non the less. We brought a beach blanket on this trip and a nice soft towel. We have been switching back and forth from bare bones beaching to chaise and umbrella town. I love me a chaise and umbrella! I really need a umbrella for when I read off the tablet we brought. After I finished game of thrones I couldn't find the sequel anywhere . So finally , much to Chris's pleasure he downloaded it ( in like five seconds). I was then forced to get with the technology of like 2008 and I didn't even kick or scream. I still think actual books are better.
  Anyways morning star beach . Super gorge! I'm pretty sure I was stung by a jellyfish . Which is a good thing, I have been so scared about it, I just had to get it over with.
   We then went to secret harbor which was also very calm and beautiful. Tons on fish swam around our feet as we stood in the water drinking beer and chatting.
Back to the hotel for sunset and laundry . The underwear situation was looking grim. Then we watched the movie road trip on tv. Way funnier then I remembered .
    Dude also, waited at the post office for 20 minn to buy stamps and they didn't have any !  No stamps. How is that possible.

Have I mentioned the amazing view! 

It's ridiculous 

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