Sunday, September 1, 2013

The other day when we were lost, we kept passing by this bar that is made out of a old plane. After walking around Phillipsburg yesterday Chris finally convinced me to go in there. It was dirty inside but the bartender was super friendly and beers were $1.50.I was happy to see it was bigger then a plane, as they had built on the back. We chatted with the bartender, he was from Haiti. They had many flags hanging from the ceiling and he pointed out the ones he knew.  Chris has me pose for a picture in the plane part.  You can see my hesitation because there was one man eating by himself and it felt awkward, till Chris asked him how the food was and he perked up and smiled.
When ever I see people eating along, I always find myself sad for them.  Which is silly, being alone doesn't really equate to being lonely.  Anyways

They had a actual newspaper clipping explaining the story behind the plane but the bartender was so chatty I didn't get to read it.  He got a phone call during which we left. As we drove away we saw him looking around outside as if to wave us back in. 
Xo AB 

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