Monday, September 9, 2013

Yesterday we hopped the ferry back to Saint Martin.  It was not as bad as the way there but that maybe because we both took certain precautions. By that I mean we both laid down taking up one bench each.  It helps. Zzzzzzz
We had some time to kill on SXM so we walked over to the hotel Holland house. I had seen it earlier in the trip. Best idea ever.  $15 gets you two chairs a umbrella and four drinks.  Use of bathrooms and they held our luggage! After that a bucket of beers for $10.  They let us replace some beers for water and cokes. Gotta stay hydrated. 

Dude, I love this place.  Many of the vacant chairs had street dogs snoozing under them. Occasionally one of the dogs would take a dip then roll in the sand before retiring to the shade under the chair. This guy was my favorite.

Our plane took forever to arrive. There we open seating and it was already very full. We had to sit separately. There were problems for some unaccounted passengers. So we sat in the heat on a full plane for a very long time....  Very long. 
Have I mentioned how much I hate flying. 

Customs took a long time and immigration took longer. We rented a car and then had that sad realization that our hotel was on the other side of the island.  The rental guy thankfully pointed out the most direct route. 45 min later we were there! Everything was closed but they had a little store at the hotel and let us borrow a toaster oven. We got two mini pizzas,  wine and a $5 can of pringles to feast on. 
 Prepared with a single spoon
I turned on the TV to cinderella, while making dinner. As my own prince charming went on his manic quest to avoid/kill all mosquitoes.
Here you see him shoving toilet paper into every crevasse surrounding the windows. If this picture had audio it would be home wishing for tape over and over.
Your soooo good looking. 

Xo AB 

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