Thursday, September 5, 2013

Saint Barts

Today we ferried to Saint Barts. This ferry was hands down the worst I have yet to experience. The open water was so choppy. They warned us when we got on. At first I was outside then begged to go inside because there they had the curtains drawn and I thought not seeing the waves would ease my fear of the boat tipping over. The shipmate held my hand to guide me in, I had to climb over a lady that was holding on to a pole for dear life.  It was inside that I sat feeling less woozy and a little embarrassed till I saw the large man in the row in front of me who happened to be in the fetal position. Then I didn't feel so bad, I just closed my eyes and held on to the bench I was sitting on. Later I found a rug burn on my leg from my knee rubbing back and forth against the seat in front of me. But we made it! Visited Saint Jean beach today and saw several expensive hotels.

We caught this amazing sunset after walking around Gustavia enjoying pistachio ice cream 

Errrr MA gerrrrd ice cream 
Our hotel pool is pretty amazing. They literally built the deck around the palm trees. We ate cheese, baguette and olives for dinner then took a swim during a thunderstorm. Till I remembered you aren't supposed to do that. 
Xo AB 

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  1. Sunset, seasick, ice cream and all the while maintaining the bangs dreams are made of! I commend you, AB