Friday, September 6, 2013

A crap day of sorts

We tried to hike to Columbier beach. It was super rocky and at some points a little more like a climb then a hike. The narrow paths and drops got to me. We were really unprepared. Trying to balance with a beach bag felt ridiculous and we didn't pack any food. When we reached a point where I couldn't tell where the trail was and the vertigo was to much, we turned around. I started crying a little.  City girl brought to tears by nature.

I did see this cute turtle. 

The nicer part of the trail... . 
We then went to governors beach for a little bit. It was there I developed a terrible stomach ache.  Then off to shell beach for a snack. My tummy was in that kinda horrible shape where you don't know what end it's gonna come out. I was super nauseous and the roads here don't help. Finally gave up and went back to the hotel. 
 Chris ' s 12euro pina colada on shell beach
Me longing for the bathroom floor. 

We went back to the hotel and rested,  after I woke up I checked my email to find that my favorite uncle had passed unexpectedly. He was also my god father and a all around awesome dude. So sad. 

We climbed to the top of this rock to bookend the day and watch a not so epic sunset 

But all sunsets are OK in my book, even the not so epic ones 

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