Monday, September 9, 2013

So many things are shut down in tortola. We went to a beach to snorkel but I was scared off by warning signs. The roads are crazy. Steep and rocky. We were so smart to rent a suv. We had plans to check out a shell museum that we read about, and passed it unexpectedly on the way to another beach. It was maybe closed. Chris got out to have a look. It was more of a crazy persons dwelling,  then a museum.

We then drove to roadtown in hopes of finding coffee and a book store.  We got coffee and a swordfish pattie. It was kinda like a empadilla but flatter and dry.  We found a cute book store but they were sold out of most things, and for the size carried a alarming amount of erotic fiction. 
We walked around for a bit, school was just getting out so there were lots of local kids hanging around in their cute uniforms.  Chickens roam the streets here.  Chickens and goats. 
Nom nom nom

We headed back to our hotel stopping at a super market in hopes of grabbing something for dinner. 
We couldn't find anything to make in our toaster oven($7 for a pack of veggie patties) but we did find some other rad stuff to take pictures of

We spotted this guy outside.  Just wow 
Then over the hills and through the jungle. Armed only with white wine and off brand pop tarts. 

Strange enough so close to the end of our trip I have found myself homesick. For where I'm not sure. I think this death in the family has me missing Detroit, and the comforts of friends in Seattle. I fear I have forgotten how to work or sew or...anything really. It's silly really. This life is precious, you just have to enjoy it. 
Xo AB 

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