Wednesday, September 11, 2013

We rented a car today, a Jimny... Not to be confused with Jimmy.  Chris says it looks like a barbie car. He made me pose in front of it.
I have given up on make up and brushing my hair. I also don't condone wearing flip flops off the beach, but the tops of my feet are a little burned.
Anyways this little box zipped us right up to the top of the island.

We had plans to go to a beach but needed food first. Nothing was open... Nothing.  We ended up having to drive back to the baths to find food. We decided to check out a close beach there and met some really cool people from Delaware.  They still wanted to talk to us after my nervous Waynes world  reference. They love to come to the baths at night with a radio and flashlights and scope the caves. They pointed out a cool rock jump, which I did not partake in.  If we had better gear or even shoes that have any grip, I might be convinced to have a cave party.  We don't even have a flashlight much less a waterproof one. Maybe next time. 
We are probably leaving tomorrow. I really wanted to go back to devils bay one more time so we peaced out.  We took the wooded trail thinking it was faster,it was pretty long but cool. Lots of white moths and cactus. We decided the route through the cave would be best to take back if it got dark. I was pleased to spend more time there anyways. I freaking love that place. 
We caught the sun going down. 


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  1. Rory just asked if the girl laying in the water was a mermaid. :)