Saturday, September 7, 2013

Today is our last day in Saint Barts

And we are spending it blogging! Well not really. We are going to my favorite beach and a snorkel spot and then out to dinner. We have only eaten out for lunch because it's so so expensive. We have been splitting a lunch and ordering a side salad and it's still $50. So for dinner we have been resorting to '' bed picnics''

 My obsession with the cute yogurt has grown. Thank God these are plastic, my bag can't spare any room.
Yesterday we went to a few beach. Grand cul-de-sac and petite cul-de-sac. It was there that we had a very fantastic lunch. A splurge of sorts.  The place was so cute. The roof was almost made of sails. We watched the water and birds dive bombing. There was a rental place behind the restaurant for jetski 's. We spied on the guy tuning them up on a floating barge.  I know what Chris wants for Xmas now. A barge of jetskis.

 The roof was made of sails.....  I think
 Being in the sun so much is giving me hyper pigmentation. I have been putting spf500 on my face and yet I might end up coming home with a mustache
We then went to my favorite beach St Jean and then farted around Gustavia

Home by five for free wine at the hotel pool.  Chris now wants to cut holes in our deck and suspend trees in the water. 

I'm not so sure

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