Monday, September 2, 2013

The pool at this hotel is pretty crazy, and the bar offers two for one frozen drinks 1-6pm

Today returned to Orient Bay in search of water sports. We walked all the way to the end to a shop that was rumored to have wind surfing. The last jaunt was through the nudist beach. Oh man.. ... It's never the ones you wanna see. 
We headed back to the public beach and rented chairs. Chris convinced me to get on the back of a jetski. I lasted five minutes. Ten if you count bringing me back in.  The open water, bumpy waves, and losing the ability to see due to salt water and sunblock in my eyes is a recipe for disaster. All things i hate /fear. I was happy to return to my book, and wipe my burning eyes. Here is the only picture we took today. 
Xo AB 

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