Monday, December 2, 2013

Back to San Juan

So this post is obviously VERY belated.
so lets bring it up to date.
 The evening of the snorkel trip Chris proposed! We had just eaten dinner at a shrimp shack and were basking in the cold air blowing out of the window unit of our gross hotel when he popped the question!
Total magic!
The next day we booked it back to Saint Thomas for a few hours then flew back to our beloved San Juan. We spent a great day in old San Juan tooling around. It is truly a gorgeous colorful place. Whaaaa I wish I was there now. We stayed at the Windchimes hotel, a sister hotel to one we stayed at before in the Condado area. the last night we were there we sat by the pool listening to the frogs and tried to call my family to tell them the news. NO ONE ANSWERED! HA pretty funny.
   The last morning we ate breakfast then took a long walk on the beach The tide was crazy so I didn't swim. There was a mini jetty forming all along the beach about a foot deep!
  We made the long flight home, back to Seattle. I had to jump right into school and then time blew by.
It was without a doubt the most magical

 but life on the boat isnt so bad either :

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