Monday, September 2, 2013


Today we moved from pelican key to the fancy area of oyster pond. After dropping off our luggage we booked north and hopped a ferry to pinel island. I was a little crabby this morning but I'm so glad we went.  We hiked a little to the top of the island, it was on the way up that we saw several iguanas hanging out behind a restaurant. They were eyeing the cooks and the chicken they were roasting. Funny enough there was a live chicken back there,  and a little fight broke out.

I think the chicken won.
We rented chairs and hung out on the beach people watching. Some folks had rented tables on spikes that were brought out to the water.  They stood around waist deep ordering drinks and food. Pretty cush and a little gross as I imagined them all peeing while standing around in the water. We tried to snorkel a bit but it was too shallow and murky. Instead I worked on a sunburn and read the last of my book.  The Kitchen House. It was really good.  I have already finished all the books I brought. I picked up game of thrones at the gift shop yesterday. It's over 800 pages so hopefully it lasts me.  Anyways we ferried back and then retired to our new hotel.

Avoir Isle Pinel!!!

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