Thursday, September 5, 2013

Lord Sheffield

We took a sunset cruise last night on the glorious Lord Sheffield I from Montreal.  It looked like a old pirate ship with all sorts of different sails. Quite a adventure. The crew was amazing and even let Chris steer the boat. It was a bumpy ride but the open bar sure helped. I have decided the more I drink the more steady the ship became :)

They grilled on board and served hors d'oeuvres. There was a lot of meat left over and one of the captions showed us how he likes to feed the birds. Some of them just follow the ship back and forth every day. It's weird to think of sea birds eating chicken or pork bones but this is from the view point of a vegetarian so what do I know. 

We were in very good spirits when we returned home, and very hungry.  We decided to order pizza and walk to pick it up.  It happened to be storming so we put on ponchos that Chris 's dad gave us. Everyone seemed to think we were insane. 
We are kinda 
Xo AB 

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