Saturday, September 14, 2013

Blue beards

We made it to our hotel after a little confusion. There is a black beards resort, black beards beach resort, blue beard beach, blue beard castle villa, black beard castle , blue beard beach villas. Confusing. I thought when I booked it was the black beard place , there is a castle tower and resort and rum distillery. We are however at blue beards castle! Which had a similar looking tower in the photos but is not the same place. Either way its fine . Our bed is comfy and bug free! There is a coffee machine! A wine bar with amazing happy hour! And a awesome view from our room.
Last night we went to happy hour . I drank two glasses of amazing $ 5 Malbec and ate Brie and fried shrimp. We walked around the resort for a bit then returned to the bar to drink a boozey milkshake that Chris couldn't take his mind off of. We ran into a couple that we have seen on two other islands, so crazy. Then got in the hot tub to help all the food digest. Then it was snooze city. I had a dream there was a turtle living outside the door of our room.

At night and in the morning

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