Monday, December 2, 2013

Back to San Juan

So this post is obviously VERY belated.
so lets bring it up to date.
 The evening of the snorkel trip Chris proposed! We had just eaten dinner at a shrimp shack and were basking in the cold air blowing out of the window unit of our gross hotel when he popped the question!
Total magic!
The next day we booked it back to Saint Thomas for a few hours then flew back to our beloved San Juan. We spent a great day in old San Juan tooling around. It is truly a gorgeous colorful place. Whaaaa I wish I was there now. We stayed at the Windchimes hotel, a sister hotel to one we stayed at before in the Condado area. the last night we were there we sat by the pool listening to the frogs and tried to call my family to tell them the news. NO ONE ANSWERED! HA pretty funny.
   The last morning we ate breakfast then took a long walk on the beach The tide was crazy so I didn't swim. There was a mini jetty forming all along the beach about a foot deep!
  We made the long flight home, back to Seattle. I had to jump right into school and then time blew by.
It was without a doubt the most magical

 but life on the boat isnt so bad either :

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Snorkle trip

Yesterday we boarded a catamaran and sailed around the island.
I officially want one. We first stopped at Marys point and then to the famous waterlemon cay.
I fell into the routine of suiting up, jumping in the water, then feeling overwhelmed by the beauty of the ocean,then being overwhelmed with the need to get the hell out of the water before it swallows me up and steals my soul............
So I got a lot of reading done, and really enjoyed the beautiful scenery. 

Waterlemon cay was by far the prettiest.
Chris got a pretty nasty sting though :( one if the crew members taught us a pretty cool trick for stings. Besides peeing on a sting or using vinegar , you can scrape it with a credit card!

We also learned that barracudas like ham.
(really didnt want to get back in the water after seeing this guy)

Xo ab

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

We purchased a $9 salad at the grocery store and jetted up to a nearby view point for a impromptu sunset picnic. Ironically we were very close to the parking lot of a fancy restaurant. I think the patrons were jealous.

Trunk and cinnamon bay

To we woke up a little groggy,  neither of us slept to well.  All night I thought Chris was hogging the blankets,  turns out the blanket on the bed just barely covers the top of the double mattress.  It also barely covers us.
We found a book store (the only one on the island) and iced coffee!
Then we made our way to trunk bay. There is a actual snorkel trail, with under water info placards. We both went out,  I of course swam back early after too many jellyfish encounters. We both got a few stings.

Then we motored to cinnamon bay. Which was just as pretty.  I took a nice long walk on beach.  The water is so clear here. After it washes ashore it almost looks like a thin sheet of ice.

We drove along the east side of the island in hopes of finding a place to book a day sail. We had a sail/snorkel trip planned for tomorrow but the company called us to cancel this afternoon. By the time we had drove to the east, they called us again to say it was back on. Freeing up some time and energy.
We found a cute little road side shack, and stopped for some tacos and beers .

On the way back we passed a nautical themed gift shop, that could not be resisted.  On the roof, was a decoration soo creepy that I may never be the same.
Don't make eye contact 

Saint John

We ferried to Saint John yesterday.  The ride was only 25 minn long,  which was a blessing because it was so hot.  We sat in our car with the windows open, sweating buckets. Basically floating on black top in the middle of the ocean with no breeze. Our saving grace was a cooler filled with melted ice. We dipped a tee shirt in the ice water and used it to cool off.
   We only made it to one beach before dark. Hawks nest. It was there that I swam with two sting rays, which I thought we were big rocks. Then I thought they were big rocks that looked kinda like stingrays. Then when I got out of the water the '' rocks '' had disappeared. While Chris snorkeled he spotted some more stingrays, confirming that there are no moving rocks.
So I guess I will have to be extra careful where I step.

Monday, September 16, 2013

This morning we checked out of the hotel and booked it to town. I have been dying to go to this custom sandal shop since the beginning of the trip. In the end it was a disappointment filled with high pressure sales. 
 We then left and made our way to magic ice. We have been seeing ads for this ice museum /bar since we arrived.  What started as a joke turned into a reality and then again to the fastest $44 ever spent. 
 I could try and explain magic ice to you, instead I will let the pictures do the talking.  It was the place where Chris became a king. 

His first orders were ones that sent me to this ice iron maiden. 

Last night in Saint Thomas

We witnessed one of the most amazing sunsets ever. Then to top it off when I woke up this morning I looked outside there was a huge rainbow! As hot and cold as we have been about this place, the view gets us every time .