Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Saint John

We ferried to Saint John yesterday.  The ride was only 25 minn long,  which was a blessing because it was so hot.  We sat in our car with the windows open, sweating buckets. Basically floating on black top in the middle of the ocean with no breeze. Our saving grace was a cooler filled with melted ice. We dipped a tee shirt in the ice water and used it to cool off.
   We only made it to one beach before dark. Hawks nest. It was there that I swam with two sting rays, which I thought we were big rocks. Then I thought they were big rocks that looked kinda like stingrays. Then when I got out of the water the '' rocks '' had disappeared. While Chris snorkeled he spotted some more stingrays, confirming that there are no moving rocks.
So I guess I will have to be extra careful where I step.

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