Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Trunk and cinnamon bay

To we woke up a little groggy,  neither of us slept to well.  All night I thought Chris was hogging the blankets,  turns out the blanket on the bed just barely covers the top of the double mattress.  It also barely covers us.
We found a book store (the only one on the island) and iced coffee!
Then we made our way to trunk bay. There is a actual snorkel trail, with under water info placards. We both went out,  I of course swam back early after too many jellyfish encounters. We both got a few stings.

Then we motored to cinnamon bay. Which was just as pretty.  I took a nice long walk on beach.  The water is so clear here. After it washes ashore it almost looks like a thin sheet of ice.

We drove along the east side of the island in hopes of finding a place to book a day sail. We had a sail/snorkel trip planned for tomorrow but the company called us to cancel this afternoon. By the time we had drove to the east, they called us again to say it was back on. Freeing up some time and energy.
We found a cute little road side shack, and stopped for some tacos and beers .

On the way back we passed a nautical themed gift shop, that could not be resisted.  On the roof, was a decoration soo creepy that I may never be the same.
Don't make eye contact 

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