Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Virgin Gorda

After a rough ferry (per usual) we arrived in virgin gorda. We were lucky to get a room at a place right on the beach and close to the baths. We had to switch rooms because our bed was covered with ants. Nothing to do with the place, the bugs here are out of control. We walked to the baths national park. It was longer than we thought and so so hot. We didn't know there was also gonna be a lot of hiking as well once we got there, but there was. Doesn't matter though. TOTALLY WORTH IT
Before we entered the cave trail we swam a little in the baths. A couple snorkeling came in to inform everyone of a shark they saw sleeping behind a rock. Chris went to go see it. I decided hiking sounded great. Sorry for the gratuitous swimsuit pics., we hiked bare foot to and through the caves and to devils bay . It was amazing

 Xo AB


  1. Wow, that place looks amazing!


  2. Indescribable! Only photos will do it justice. Thank you for those.