Thursday, August 29, 2013

Saint Martin

So we made it! All of our tech devices are being assholes though and not working well together. We lined up at customs and when we went through the woman didn't even look at us. She was deep in conversation with a guard. They were speaking in another language but we kept making out the words "kinky sex". I'm not kidding.
  The rental car guy met us at the gate and led us to the Honda Accord. He had on shorts, loafers, a Polo with a popped collar, and a gold chain. We got directions on the hotel and only got lost once. This resort is rad.  We decided to just relax the rest of the day.  Drinking frozen drinks and laying in beach chairs.  The water was calm but got deep fast so we tried our new snorkel gear and actually saw tons of fish!  A scorpion fish hiding on a rock and a huge school of blue fish! The coolest was a parrot fish. We had a little guide in a map from the airport.  I have snorkeled before and would have never expected to see so much in a resort beach. It was pretty incredible. From the beach we watched planes land and all sorts of ships sail by.  Wishing we brought our camera.

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