Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Our last day in vieques we tried to squeeze in two last beaches. The first playa negra was really hard to find. We heard from locals , that you walk down a old dried up riverbed. We heard there was a sign of sorts but very non descript. We found a sign and what looked like a sketchy old river bed, but it looked a little too sketchy. We saw a local and decided to ask him where to go. He had us get in his car., we tried to explain in Spanish that we had a car but had no luck . He drove us a mile down the road and point to a dirt path. There on a pole in spray paint was written playa negra. Somehow we got across that we had a car parked close to his house and he sort of laughed and asked if it was the white car. Which was a little weird. When we got out he handed us a avocado and waved goodbye. It was awesome.
      We drove back to the path. Walking down the riverbed in the jungle for about 15minn. We saw a millipede and lots of land crabs. We heard a bunch of coconuts fall from a tree and then saw a huge iguana . It was almost as if he was shaking them out. I dunno if they eat them or not . There were several piles of horse shit. it would have been rad to ride a horse through there.We made it to the beach to find gorgeous black soft sand. I covered myself in it, a act I later regretted because the water was rough and I found myself to scared to go in and rinse off .
      After that we decided to try green beach. The word was you couldn't go there and not see a turtle . The road there was long and horrible . When we got there it was nice and calm but sadly no turtles. We drank a celebratory beer and had a quick dip and then left.
      The ferry back to San Juan was not as rough as before. We had a different boat that only allows you to sit below. They shut off the lights and have big tvs playing. I saw no barf soooo that goes to show ya. If you get seasick just sit in the dark .
      We drove back to San Juan , stopping along the way for a waterproof camera .
    The hotel I booked was amazing . It was cheap because I made last minn reservations . Acacia ! The place looked like it should be in a small euro town , we had a huge wrap around balcony and the bed and shower were super nice. The best part was the hot tub! Open 24 hours and bigger then most pools. Sad we got there so late and had to leave so early.
     This morning started out a little rough . We got a ticket , which is going to be a very expensive mistake . All the night before we kept talking about eatting breakfast at the hotel and reading the menu and got there right when it was supposed to open. Then it was closed :( so we walked to Starbucks where I spilled coffee all over my white sweater. Which seems like no big deal but yesterday we shipped all off our warm clothes home to make room for new scuba gear and its the only one I have.Blah blah. I sound like a asshole right now. Anyways we made it to the airport and are leaving for Saint Martin in 45 minn! I'm just now really excited to go. Ready for some euro flair.
   Xo AB

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