Monday, August 26, 2013

Good morning from Vieques.

We have discovered that in our bunk room when the sun rises half of the bed is in the shade and half gets beaten by the sun. It's sort of like a natural sleep number bed for us because if I didn't have the sun beating on my face I would sleep till noon everyday (and sometimes I do).
Anyways yesterday beach explored! The beaches are " unspoiled " that is for sure. We figured out why they don't want you to bring your rental car over. The roads are terrible . Rock city! There were times when I thought we wouldn't make it up a hill or through the mud in the little shitty Suzuki but we did! We made it to Pata Prieta beach, what we think was Escondida beach and another one I'm not sure if the name because the map is terrible . It's basically a cartoon someone drew that's not up to scale at all but adorable because they drew little horses all over it. Which is pretty accurate because there are tons of random horses roaming the island. It's pretty awesome, apparently you can own s horse here and it feeds and waters itself and since horses are territorial , whenever you want it you just go find it at its favorite spot and saddle it up. We went to dinner last night and this drunk guy had just bought a horse for $100 . There was a smaller pony just following it around . When the drunk guy was done showing off his horse he literally took the saddle off and shooed the horse home and they ran off. Kinda

Xox AB

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