Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Bio Bay

We were supposed to meet up with the tour group at 7:20 so we arrived a little early at the location they gave us over the phone . We saw people gathering around a van and decided to walk over there . As soon as we got there, they were all like " ok let's go!" And " who are you?" . They let us on anyways , so we loaded into what they called the shagging wagon. The road was worse then anyone we have seen yet. It was like the ice cream (rocky road). At one point the van looked like it was going to tip over. Later chris joked that he was scared of tipping because he was in the front seat and if the fat driver fell on him , he would be the only causality . At times it sounded like the car was being ripped in half. We got to the launching area and they slapped life vests on us and little flashlights. Then was like everyone knows how to use a kayak right? Uhhh noooooo, I kinda maybe never mentioned that my only experience with a kayak is shopping for flights in the website. Just figured it was a assumed .  I thought there would be some explanation but no... We got in the water and it was pitch black and then they showed us the direction to kayak which  they said was a ten to fifteen minn trip. That's when I went into full blown panic. Dark! Water! Boats! Far from land ! In water where someone has been bitten by a shark, why did I not take a pill before this? Chris could tell I was ready to choke on my own spit, pass out , cry , and have a heart attack. So he said we could turn around . The guides ride paddle boards and were super cool and surprised I wanted to turn back . The one by us thought that rocking back and forth showing me how " sturdy" everything was would help. The catalyst I think was that all the time on south lake union I see people taking those classes where you tip a kayak and they show you how to get back in and it always looks like people are having a hard time and someone told them how to do it. I just felt completely ill prepared and scared. If you have never been in a kayak , ones calm water is another's tusamni. Anyways I won't justify myself , there was a 8 year old on this trip, and a lady that had been wishing to go to the bio bay since 2006. So I pulled it together. Kinda. I figure if your lucky enough to have someone who loves you enough to drive all the way out and pay for a trip and then let you turn around , then you should appreciate at it and suck it up! I barely said a word the entire time , it was intense and beautiful. Little blue sparkly organisms that glow ten times there own size. The sky was clear and all the stars were out. It was like painting with floresant paint in a dark room with a black light. I would get kinda into it and dip my paddle making sparkly trails, then the kayak would move a little and I would freak myself out. Ha so stupid. By the end I was close to fine but ready get out. We rode the shagging wagon back and that was that . It's literally like impossible to take pictures there so you will have to use your imagination .
     Also last night a 3am a huge storm broke out. We  were getting rained on in  our sleep. Chris got up and looked up hurricane updates.... It was just a baby storm, and it that's a baby storm I can't imagine what a hurricane would be like.

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