Friday, August 23, 2013

Cabo Rojo

Today we went to Playa Sucia. To get there you drive through a salt refinery and nature preserve.  There is a large Hill on a cliff with a light house that you can hike too. Just on the other side are breathtaking cliffs and no railing.  From the top of the cliff you can see the pool of salty water and clear blue ocean separated by a thin strip of land that ends with sharp cliffs.  Pretty crazy.  While climbing up to the light house we ran into a huge iguana! I will have to take the picture off my phone later

 Yummy plancha! Aka passionfruit

Watch  out for mountain lions!!!! 

We ate pizza on the side of the road. It was hard to just go with the small and not the sport man.  Then one last sunset on combate beach. 

We saw a large cat while walking back to the beach.  Wasn't sure if it was a bob cat of just a stray. There is also a cat that lives on the resort. Somehow it came up in conversation with the people working here, when Chris went to return some towels. Apparently the cat living here is a rescue named Ninja! The wild cat is ninjas dad and they have been trying really hard to keep him out of the resort till ninja is spayed.  This all got me thinking about how people choose which animals to be affectionate with.  It's sweet that they adopted a cat and are taking care of it but strange that they are shunning another. Not shunning really, I guess what I'm thinking is why not neuter the wild one? Animal problems!!!!! Deep thoughts. Time for bed
Xo ab

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