Sunday, August 25, 2013

Ponce to Vieques

Well yesterday was a long one. We got up early a drove to Ponce, where I almost peed my pants in a gift shop and got two cute dresses for my nieces . We also checked out the parque de bombas and the museum for a bit. It was sooooo hot and we kinda had to hurry . For lunch we dined on a número uno at Burger King sin carne por favor . We then drove to the farjado ferry terminal to try and get on the ferry to Vieques. They have a weird set up .... To bring your car you need a reservation because they can only take 16. It's known that they don't answer the phone or its sometimes disconnected . So how do you get one? If your us, you just show up. Then talk to the guy at the counter, then sit in a hot car forever, then go back to the counter , then wait by there with other people trying to hussle on, then find out you have a spot but you need to drive to the dock now , then get to your car to see that some other asshole trying to get on the ferry has blocked you in! Fudge! Well long story short we made it on. We sat in the passenger level for a while and I couldn't believe how much barf there was in the ground. That was until the ferry took off. Whoa buddy! Back and forth. We sat on the top deck and just rolled with it. Vieques is gorgeous! I think it's my favorite so far ..... Out of two .
I just really like it.
We are staying at the la finca caribe . The Internet is touchy so no pictures or links till we get somewhere with better data. You can google it! It's totally in the jungle . Last night after dinner we decided to take a swim in the salt water pool. There were so many bugs in the shower ! Spiders ! Cockroaches ! Beetles! All sorts of other shit that I can't identify because I'm not into bugs. Then as we were walking up to the pool I spotted a enormous hermit crab!!!!!!! I'm making it sound terrible. This place is awesome in the middle of no where with hammocks hanging from every corner. I slept like a baby last night. Chris on the other hand not so much.
        Last night he asked me if I wanted to go on a hobicat and when he explained it , it sounded just like these pictures of catamarans I have been seeing . Where they give you piña coladas and
A lunch buffet and there is a water slide! Oh and you snorkel! So I said of course!!! Then he showed me a picture of one.... Totally not the same thing. It's basically sailing on two large maxi pads with snacks and water. He sold it by saying, thay its so close to the water that if I fall out it won't be that scary because its only a foot fall. I'm still gonna do it. I like snorkeling I just hope I can on Valium! Cause that's what it's gonna take to get me on there. That and love.
We also have made arrangements to go to the bio bay while we are here. You can't swim in the bay anymore because someone got bit by a shark! I'm sure she had it coming.
 Off to the beach we go!

 Pics from Ponce

Pics from the ferry


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