Thursday, August 22, 2013


We made it to Rincon.  Our hotel is a little resort that smells like bleach and old coconut.  The room we got is enormous with not one but two queen size beds.  A little cheesy and a little dirty.  I found what I think was a pubic hair (not mine)  in one of the beds.  We debated over the length and amount of curl before deciding to just sleep in the other bed. Good thing we have two!!!!!!! 
     We went down to the bar, where I enjoyed the pirate special. Which I think was rum,  condensed milk and cinnamon in a coconut. It started storming and Chris ran into the ocean for a swim. 

We went to the El faro or lighthouse to catch the sunset. It was a little cloudy but the view was gorgeous and we watched pelicans fly around and dive down for fish. 

We ate dinner at a beach cafe and really received a invitation from a local to attend a full moon party on the beach. 

It was some real hippy shit. 
This morning Chris got up super early for a surf lesson. I spent the morning watching cable and catching up on my Internet surfing. 

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